Gainesville Long-Term Disability Attorney

If someone applies for long-term disability benefits (on an individual or group policy), and these are denied or abruptly cut, it can be immensely stressful. These benefits can mean someone's livelihood and when individuals don't have access to them, the situation can feel dire. To make matters even more difficult, dealing with an insurance company and understanding the contract provisions can be overwhelming.

Many claimants have never had access to their disability contract and don't know who to ask for access. The contractual wording can be exceedingly difficult to interpret.

All too often, insurance companies will terminate benefits for dubious reasons, leaving policyholders in the dark. When these kinds of issues arise, it's important to have a Gainesville long-term disability lawyer on your side to provide a comprehensive understanding of this domain of law to work toward securing or restoring benefits.

North-Central Florida Long-Term Care Lawyer

I've worked as an attorney in Gainesville, Florida, handling disability law for more than 25 years, and I'm committed to working with your long-term disability claim. I'm prepared to secure and interpret your contract and go through the claim procedure.

Many times, an insurance company medical staff member will examine a file and, based simply on data or a case file, deny or stop coverage. I'm dedicated to presenting the correct documentation to demonstrate disability and ensure continuation of benefits. I've also been involved with contracts that stipulate that benefits are to be paid if a client cannot maintain employment in his or her current profession — in these cases, my clients have not had to look for work outside their current vocation.

In addition, if there are circumstances where a client might be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), I can investigate these options as well and move toward securing these benefits.

You can reach me by toll-free phone at 866-895-8362 or by e-mail to set up an initial consultation to discuss any aspect of your long-term disability issues.